This exceptional transformative piece of art is a unique portion of the fantastical artwork Artists Meet Artists. As envisaged and then passionately created, Artists Meet Artists is a technically masterful, thought provoking, intellectually stimulating, emotion evoking, historically and culturally significant, didactic, immense, unequivocally transformative one-of-a-kind work of art, comprising 25,600 such individually qualifying works of art from the pioneering state-of-the-art Artists Meet Artists creation. Each of the matchless 25,600 pieces of generative art, collectively Artists Meet Artists, exclusively envisions one of 36 among the greatest musical artists of our lives having an opportunity to meet and be painted in the style of one of 69 of the greatest visual artists of the past six centuries, each distinctive square an artistic fantasy Artists Meet Artists pairing, most requiring time travel. This piece imagines the Musical Artist Miley Cyrus meets and is painted by the Visual Artist Banksy.

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